A Bevy of Beauties

Lots of works in progress at the moment. So excited that my dolls and figurines are at our local Art Gallery - Cranbrook Arts Council.  The Mummi figurine is a hit and I have had so many people tell me where they are displaying their Mummi in their home and how at peace she always seems to be.  She is zen for sure.

This tranquil little doll is modelled after my mother, a petite lady with a big personality.  An amazing woman that had been through a great deal in her life but always remained calm and in the moment. Never dwelled in the past. Never worried about the future. When my life seemed to be veering off course and I could feel a panic attack knocking at my front door mom's solution was a nice hot cup of tea. That was her cure all for everything.  And guess what it worked.

This trio of sisters is coming together although still lots of work to do.

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