Spirit Hole Pendants

This all starts with Bronze or Black Clay which is cut into a rectangle then a small spirit hole cut out  The design is hand carved into the raw clay.  The 3 sections are colored with Pearl-ex powder colors depending on the final effect I am looking for.  

This pendant is then cured for 30-40 minutes.  Once cooled down the layering of tinted liquid polymer clay begins.  I add 4-5 layers, each layer cured with a heat gun.  


Before paintingLiquid clay with alcohol inkspainted and ready for curing

The final piece is cured in the oven one more time.  Then this piece is sanded through 9 grades of sandpaper, buffed and a finished with renaissance wax.  If you cure liquid clay at a higher temperature you will get a nice shiny finish.  I still like the softer glossy look of sanding and buffing.  A little extra time but a nice effect.

More colors coming in May.






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