Swedish Christmas Gnome Tomte House Warming Gift

A Swedish Christmas Gnome sculpted from polymer clay with wool hair and hat.
This Swedish Tomte is sporting a blue hat with green pants. His nose has been dusted with pan pastel to give that rosy glow. His boots have been waxed and polished with Renaissance Wax. His hair is made from Merino Wool/Bamboo Roving. His hat is made from 100% blue felt with a 100% cotton band woven on my sami heddle.

A great addition to your Scandinavian christmas decorations.

In Scandinavian countries, these little creatures guard your home. In Swedish, their name comes from the old word 'tomt' which means plot - the plot of land where your home is. A well kept home is said to have it's own resident Tomte, who keeps it tidy and safe.

These gnomes make excellent housewarming gifts and are often given as such in Scandinavia. 

Every Home Needs a Gnome!

Approx. Size: 5" in height

He is packed in a small box and shipped via Canada Post. He comes complete with a card explaining the tomte mythology.

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